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Male Infertility

Male infertility refers to the inability of a male to achieve a pregnancy in a fertile female.

The following are necessary to make a diagnosis:

1. A medical or fertility history: the doctor will ask for a detailed history of any medical or sexual factors that might affect fertility

2. A physical examination: the examination of the scrotum and testes is essential for any male fertility work-up. It is useful for detecting large varicoceles, undescended testes, and absence of vas deferens, cysts, or other physical abnormalities. The prostate and penis will also be examined.

3. Laboratory tests includes the following:

a) Semen Analysis: this is the basic test to evaluate a man's fertility. The sperm collection test for men who can produce semen involves a number of steps which will be explained to you.


A semen analysis will provide information on:
•  Amount of semen produced (volume)
•  Number of sperm per milliliter of semen (concentration)
•  Total number of sperm in the sample (count)
•  Percentage of moving sperm (motility)
•  Shape of sperm (morphology)

b) Post-Ejaculatory Urine Sample
A urine sample to detect sperm after ejaculation may rule out or indicate retrograde ejaculation. It also may be used to test for infections.

c) Blood tests for hormones especially if semen analysis is abnormal

d) Ultrasound imaging may be used to accurately determine the size of the testes or to detect cysts, tumors,

e) Others like sperm penetration tests or genetic tests may be necessary


Our findings from your examination and tests performed will be discussed with you and further recommendations made.

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