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A fistula is an opening or connection between any two parts of the body that are usually separate. Therefore, an arterio-venous fistula is a connection between an artery and a vein.Why Is It Necessary?

One important step before starting regular hemodialysis sessions is preparing a vascular access, which is the site on your body where blood is removed and returned during dialysis. To maximize the amount of blood cleansed during hemodialysis treatments, the vascular access should allow continuous high volumes of blood flow.An arterio-venous fistula is the preferred type of access because once the fistula properly matures and gets bigger and stronger; it provides an access with good blood flow that can last for decades.How Is It Created?
An arterio-venous fistula is created during surgery by connecting an artery directly to a vein, frequently in the forearm. Connecting the artery to the vein causes more blood to flow into the vein. As a result, the vein grows larger and stronger, making repeated needle insertions for hemodialysis treatments easier. For the surgery, you’ll be given a local anesthetic. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis or inpatient basis.
Patient Evaluation Prior To Access Placement
Not all patients can have an arterio-venous fistula or qualify for one, so the following will be done:
•    History and physical examination
•    Arterial evaluation
•    Venous evaluation
An AV fistula requires advance planning because after the fistula is surgically created, it can take weeks to months before the fistula matures and is ready to be used for hemodialysis. But a properly formed fistula is less likely than other kinds of vascular access to form clots or become infectedPlease contact us or call 01 2705803 and 01 8967328 if you have any questions.

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