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Urinary stones are typically classified by:

a)  Their location in the kidney (nephrolithiasis), ureter (ureterolithiasis), or bladder (cystolithiasis)
b)  Their chemical composition (calcium-containing, uric acid, or other compounds)
About 80% of those with kidney stones are men. Men most commonly experience their first episode between 30 and 40 years of age, while for women the age at first presentation is somewhat later.
Treatment includes spontaneous passage, and use of certain medications. Pain symptoms which are often severe often require intravenous administration of NSAIDs or opioids. There is also the use of medications to speed the spontaneous passage of stones, referred to as medical expulsive therapy.Prompt surgery may, nonetheless, be required with persons with only one working kidney, bilateral obstructing stones, a urinary tract infection with the probability of an infected, or intractable pain.

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