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This is the surgical removal of one or both testes.


Why do I need an Orchidectomy?

  • If you have testicular cancer
  • As a means of reducing testosterone that can exacerbate prostate cancer in advanced stages
  • If you had a grave traumatic injury to a testicle
  • As a personal preference if you are undergoing gender reassignment therapy

How is it done?
It is a simple operation. The surgeon makes a small cut in your scrotum (the sac which holds your testicles). After removing your testicles, your surgeon may put in plastic balls (fake testicles or prostheses) so that your scrotum looks and feels the same.


  • Some sexual function issues
  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain
  • Slight enlargement of breast tissue
  • Infertility of both testes are removed
  • Men who have had radical orchiectomy for testicular cancer need to continue to get screening, since there is some risk of cancer recurrence. Those with prostate cancer need careful follow-up with doctors too.

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